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The Jasco Group is your smart technology and solutions partner. We provide a range of true end-to-end converged ICT offerings for carriers and enterprises across the telecoms, communications, IT infrastructure, security and fire sectors. Our offering also incorporates intelligent technologies including power and renewable energy, water management, data centres and broadcasting. We also offer component manufacturing of injection-moulded plastic, pressed metal components and appliances for the ‘white goods’ industry.

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Opinion piece: Can carriers keep up with the data explosion? - The migration from traditional voice to new IP based technologies and services – alongside a data explosion and increasing consumer data capacity demands – brings massive disruption to the telecoms arena. For carriers, it signals a shift in not just technology but revenue models and competition.
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Are You Maximising The Potential Of Your Building’s Rooftop? - When contemplating the task of managing a business property, the rooftop is not often considered. However, rooftops are becoming part of the landlords contributing revenue base, yet managing the tenants, including Telecommunication companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), can be a challenge. Many of them are turning to Jasco’s Rooftop Solutions, a professional service offering from the Jasco Property Technology Management (PTM) division.
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Press Release: Link Africa chooses New Telco SA Data Centre for their Midrand hub - Metro fibre provider Link Africa, and New Telco SA, a carrier neutral data centre solutions provider, have partnered on Link Africa’s Midrand fibre network rollout, which will form part of Link Africa’s core metro ring around Gauteng.
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