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The Jasco Group is your smart technology and solutions partner. We provide a range of true end-to-end converged ICT offerings for carriers and enterprises across the telecoms, communications, IT infrastructure, security and fire sectors. Our offering also incorporates intelligent technologies including power and renewable energy, water management, data centres and broadcasting. We also offer component manufacturing of injection-moulded plastic, pressed metal components and appliances for the ‘white goods’ industry.

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Opinion piece: The fibre boom – and what it means for home and business users - The plethora of fibre – and fibre service providers – flooding urban areas, offering Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and Fibre-to-the-business(FTTB) services has rapidly changed the way Internet services are delivered to customers. Thanks to the open access nature of most fibre networks, the connectivity market has expanded exponentially over a relatively short period of time.
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Brainstorm Topic: Making Cloud Pay in the Modern Business - "The opportunity to make cloud services pay will come when businesses want to take on new services that were previously unavailable because they required a large initial capital outlay. This cost-to-entry barrier can be overcome by choosing to use cloud services, a decision that makes a lot of sense for small businesses and fresh start-ups, given the cash flow advantage that comes from using these services on a monthly basis."
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Opinion piece: “Toll Free” data: disrupting data payment responsibility - A recent emerging global trend that is disrupting traditional data payment responsibility, is that of businesses offering their consumers free online access to their websites or other online platforms - but who covers the data costs?
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