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The Jasco Group is your smart technology and solutions partner. We provide a range of true end-to-end converged ICT offerings for carriers and enterprises across the telecoms, communications, security and fire sectors. Our offering also incorporates intelligent technologies including power and renewable energy, data centres and broadcasting. We also offer component manufacturing of injection-moulded plastic, pressed metal components and appliances for the ‘white goods’ industry.

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To proactively redress black business participation in the economy, focus on demand and not supply - “Talk of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) seems to focus more on gadgets and their functions, but who is going to build the infrastructure and applications to use those imported gadgets we plan to use? Infrastructure must be built by locals with a view of local applications so they know how to use, adopt, enhance and maintain it.
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BPO sector could spur job growth and forex influx - Jasco is a member of Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPESA), a not-for-profit entity that serves as the industry body and trade association for Global Business Services in South Africa, serving the international and domestic markets.
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4IR, its meaning and application in the context of South Africa - The impact of 4IR is going to be felt throughout all sectors of the formal economy, but what about the informal economy that constitutes a significant part in South Africa?
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