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The Jasco Group is your smart technology and solutions partner. We provide a range of true end-to-end converged ICT offerings for carriers and enterprises across the telecoms, communications, security and fire sectors. Our offering also incorporates intelligent technologies including power and renewable energy, data centres and broadcasting. We also offer component manufacturing of injection-moulded plastic, pressed metal components and appliances for the ‘white goods’ industry.

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Future-Proofing Your Career Choices - It’s often said that the jobs of the future don’t even exist today, making it difficult for youngsters to know what career they could aspire to. But in some workplaces, tomorrow is already here, and nobody has been trained for the skills we need.
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Why the Internet of Things (IoT) Will Force Every Company to Be More Tech-Savvy - Companies in almost every sector of the economy must become increasingly technology-focused as more devices are connected to the internet.
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Datavoice Achieving Success in International Markets - Within the scenario of tough economic realities in the local market, DataVoice says its expansion opportunities lie offshore and it will leverage already strong relationships with offshore partners to achieve significant growth.
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