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DataVoice Libra Interaction Management Solutions

  • Interaction Management solutions are vital to companies that engage with their customers across multiple channels, i.e. Voice, Social Media, IM, Chat, etc.
  • These solutions allow companies to review interactions and ensure that they are compliant with business processes & operational goals.
  • Companies need interaction management mainly for the following operational requirements:
  • Front-office interactions;
  • Back-office interactions;
  • Emergency / Security interactions.
  • Business advantages gained in deploying interaction management technologies in a customer-facing context are now being demanded in intra-company and radio communications deployments.

Industry Challenges

Capturing Social Media Interactions
It is a critical capability that is lacking as companies experience a shift in market demographics from primarily voice to a mix that includes social media interactions such as IM, Web Chat, Mobile messaging etc.

Seamless Integration of interaction management solutions
Integration of interaction management solutions into existing company systems such as PABX Systems, Contact Centre Solutions, CRM systems, and ERP Solutions etc. can be technologically challenging, complex and expensive.

Providing a Cloud Transition Path
Providing a cloud transition path in many interaction management solutions is unclear as companies wrestle with the technological disruption brought about by the move from ‘On-premise’ technology to ‘Hosted’ and ‘Cloud-based’ options

Standardising interaction management across multiple disparate technologies
This is limited in most interaction management solutions, forcing companies to deploy multiple different solutions in an environment where mixed communications infrastructure is prevalent.

OEM Commitment to local Service & Support
Local service & support of interaction management solutions is challenging when the OEM is not customer-oriented, has no local presence and is not responsive to requests to assist with advanced support issues.



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The DataVoice Interaction management solution provides a flexible and powerful solution geared to mitigate operational risk and drive compliance.

  • DataVoice is supported by a well-trained advanced support team and OEM lab, enabling Channel Partners and end-Clients to benefit from responsive locally based professional support.
  • DataVoice is flexible and can be deployed in mixed-communications infrastructure environments, saving time and resources by consolidation of recording.
  • The DataVoice Interaction Management solution suite is ready for transition into hosted and cloud deployments, giving the customer peace of mind that their investment is future proof.
  • The DataVoice professional services team is able to assist Clients with integration into existing business systems, ensuring that the maximum ROI is achieved after implementation.

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