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Interaction recording benefits all business

07 June 2016
As we move firmly into the digital age, we find ourselves confronted with many choices as to how to interact with the

world around us. We rely less on traditional, preselected communication methods and more on the ability to select

whichever method of communication works best for us, based on our preference and ease of use. In business, with

the current focus being on how to improve the customer experience, companies are offering their customers multiple

ways of interacting with them, across many different channels. More and more businesses are not only interacting, but

are transacting across these channels. Customers are making purchases and entering into contracts over the

telephone, via social media and even on web chats. In order to ensure legal compliancy, to mitigate risks within these

transactions, and simply to keep records, businesses must ensure they have a stable multi-channel interaction

recording solution in place.

An interaction recording system can record communications across many channels. These include voice calls (both

telephonic and via social applications such as Skype and WhatsApp) and text correspondence via email, web chat

applications and SMS with integration to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portals or Enterprise Resource

Planning (ERP) portals. These recordings can then be stored and accessed as required as proof of a conversation or

transaction. A solid interaction recording system will also label and consolidate all recordings, securely storing them at

a centralised location for easy access and retrieval.

Financial institutions and credit providers need to record all transactions for legal and FICA compliancy, in order to

have evidence of contractual obligation and proof of consent. However, interaction recording systems are not just

limited to these types of businesses. They’re a necessity for any organisation who conducts business with customers.

Interaction recording can help a company to track customer trends by providing the means to link common topics. It

can help a company to manage their staff performance, both within contact centres and in the back office, where

communication still occurs with customers. It can also help companies to review their interactions with customers to

ensure they are in line with business strategy. Lastly, with proper digital signatures and tamper detection, interaction

recording can ensure a company can use their interactions as evidence in a court of law, should it ever be required.

Interaction recording also serves the emergency and security industries, where a recorded interaction can mean the

difference between life and death. Vital information which can be missed at the initial stage of interaction, is recorded

and replayed in order to ensure all details are accurately captured and relayed. If a dispute should ever arise over slow

response times or inaccurate information, these recordings help to ensure the facts are available. Recording both

telephone and radio interactions simultaneously means that the entire response process, from the first call to the de-

brief can be recorded and referred to at any time.

There are many benefits to a good interaction recording system, but companies who are looking to invest in one need

to select one that gives them the fullness of these benefits. Businesses need to select an interaction recording system

that can record multiple types of interactions and is not limited to only telephone recording. In environments where call

centre agents capture information as they speak to customers, it is also important to have screen recording in parallel

with voice recording in order to monitor accuracy and performance. Systems must be able to integrate with virtually

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any ‘back office’ system, such as a CRM or ERP system, and should enable recordings to be filed along with related


Using a local product is also key to better service and delivery. South African companies that develop interaction

systems for the South African market are far more agile and flexible than their foreign counterparts. They are able to

deliver systems and changes, as well as support services, far quicker. Customisation is also far more possible as

service providers can be on hand to tailor solutions to meet a business’s exact needs. Add to this the benefit of

receiving a Rand price that doesn’t fluctuate with the market, and it makes perfect sense to favour a local service


So, whether a business offers financial or legal services, or is selling a product, a stable, customisable and fully

consolidated interaction recording system can ensure that the business remains legally compliant, and that risks

associated with misinformation and accusations can be mitigated. It is in a business’s best interest to ensure their

system offers the best benefits available, maximising its value.