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Press Release: Trilogy’s Mentor RG now available from Jasco Broadcast Solutions

15 October 2017

Clear-Com’s recent acquisition of Trilogy Communications, a supplier of intercom solutions and master reference generators, means sub-South African broadcasters can speedily access the company’s new solutions. Jasco Broadcast Solutions will make this offering available to the South and Southern African market with their appointment as distributor of the Trilogy offering.  Trilogy’s Mentor RG sync and test pulse generator (SPG) will be of particular interest to broadcasters,

“Trilogy brings South African users a keenly priced alternative product range—from intercom solutions to the SPGs—from a recognised and respected supplier to consider in their system builds or upgrades,” says Paul Divall, MD of Jasco Intelligent Technologies. “The Mentor RG SPG is built on several generations of proven Trilogy Sync and Test generators and brings unparalleled accuracy and reliability for broadcast reference and test signals. There is definite market for this product in South Africa.”

“While the market for reference SPG units is limited, as these units are very reliable and long lasting, there is growing demand for this type of solution locally, especially as more legacy installations are upgraded to HD format technology. The flexible range of test and reference signals that the Mentor RG can generate is also a highly valued feature.”

The Trilogy SPG products are widely deployed in many broadcast studios around the world and are trusted for their accuracy and dependability. The Mentor RG marks the very first product that Trilogy has released since the Clear-Com acquisition.

The Mentor RG generates synchronised video, audio and timecode signals for broadcast purposes to an extremely accurate time signature, often provided by a GPS reference system, which is then passed on to the broadcaster’s mission critical automation system.

Says Divall: “The Mentor RG is a single box solution that ensures absolute synchronisation of multiple signals in any broadcast or professional media application. It would typically be installed as the master reference generator in a TV station or an outside broadcast (OB) truck. Since accurate reference signals are crucial to successful operations, two Mentors and a changeover would provide the ultimate in redundancy.”

The unit is very easy to install and configure and once set up, will operate 24/7 with extremely high stability and reliability.


All SD and HD reference and test signals are generated simultaneously for 525 and 625 standards, with independent timing control for all outputs. The Mentor pays special attention to multiple audio generators assignable for AES audio, including Dolby E and DARS, embedded audio in the SD/HD channels, wordclock and analogue stereo audio.

Key optional features include:

  • Up to 10 Tri-Level Sync (TLS) outputs for all 720 and 1080 standards.

  • The ability to lock to external linear timecode (LTC).

  • Precision Time Protocol (IEEE-1588 PTP) to synchronising time sensitive audio packets over Ethernet for IP-based TV stations.

  • Customisable redundancy options.