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5G - Are We There Yet?
07 February 2018
5G, or Fifth Generation networks are being lauded as the vehicle which will launch technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain based applications into mainstream use - and with good reason. Read more >

Opinion piece: Redefining ‘open access’ for fibre networks in South Africa
09 January 2018
Everyone wants high speed fibre connectivity and providers are jostling to get fibre into the ground and to the door of businesses and residential customers. Read more >

Opinion piece: Sound ethics in the workplace requires ethical leadership
04 December 2017
Ethics is a key issue for both the private and public sector, instilling confidence in its stakeholders including, staff, customers, investors as well as the public. Read more >

Press Release: Jasco acquires Reflex, bolsters Enterprise business
13 November 2017
Jasco has recently announced its acquisition of a 51% share in Reflex Solutions, a specialist in IT managed services, hosted IT infrastructure, cloud services and Fibre-to-the-X (FTTX) solutions. Read more >

Case Study: Jasco Head Office reduces carbon footprint by 50% with solar energy solution
10 November 2017
In early-2015 Jasco, a company that delivers end-to-end best-of-breed solutions across the entire ICT, Power, Enterprise and Security value chains, realised the opportunity to become a leader in the field of renewable energy, harnessing its expertise on a solar project at its own head office complex: Jasco Park. Read more >

Press release: NewTelco SA launches local IaaS offering for international telcos
01 November 2017
South Africa’s telecoms market is still growing strongly, making it really attractive to international telcos and service providers that are looking to grow their client bases. Read more >

Opinion Piece: An open access wireless network for South Africa? Who will manage it?
20 October 2017
An open access wholesale-only wireless (3G and 4G/LTE) network (OAWN) can, within just a few years, connect the 40% of people in South Africa who still do not have Internet access. Read more >

Press Release: Jasco appoints new group company secretary and legal advisor
17 October 2017
Jasco Group, a smart technology, security, power and ICT solutions partner, has shown their commitment to stakeholder communication and ethical corporate governance by appointing new Company Secretary and Legal Advisor, Neo Modisakeng. Read more >

Press Release: Trilogy’s Mentor RG now available from Jasco Broadcast Solutions
15 October 2017
Clear-Com’s recent acquisition of Trilogy Communications, a supplier of intercom solutions and master reference generators, means sub-South African broadcasters can speedily access the company’s new solutions. Read more >

Opinion piece: Harness IoT to protect and track your assets – it’s easier than you think
10 October 2017
As more devices, assets and ‘things’ become connected, businesses are exploring the opportunity to harness the Internet of Things (IoT) to protect and track their assets – everything from livestock to plant equipment, shipping containers and vehicles. Read more >