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Opinion piece: Connectivity – Assisting South Africa to build a progressive nation
06 October 2016
The discussion around connectivity in South Africa has to evolve. It’s no longer just about infrastructure and the advantages broadband delivers; it’s about the country’s participation and progress on a global level in a Digital Era. For South Africa to reach past its current limitations, a new mindset is needed – one focused on South Africa becoming a progressive nation and society. Read more >

Opinion piece: FTTH/B set to enable a remote workforce, finally
05 October 2016
Fibre to the home/business (FFTH/B) is spreading rapidly and visibly throughout major centres of South Africa. The growth of fibre is, surprisingly, driven predominantly by residential suburbs and once it’s in the home and across our cities, fibre has the ability to transform the workplace by potentially removing traditional boundaries and forcing us to rethink ingrained ways of working. Read more >

Opinion: Contact centres must service changing customer needs in order to remain relevant
03 October 2016
The way we do business is changing. This change is not driven internally by businesses or organisations, but by the customers themselves. It is a radical change, with far-reaching implications for business, as the e-commerce age has transformed the way customers shop and empowered them to share their experiences in new ways online... So where does this leave the traditional call centre? Read more >

Opinion Piece: Local procurement is as much a private sector concern as it is a public sector duty
19 September 2016
The Local Procurement Accord was established in 2011 by government with the intention of putting policy in place to develop local suppliers and better utilise local resources in order to achieve the goals of socio-economic development through job creation. Five years on, procurement of locally-produced goods is still low which compromises economic growth and job creation. Read more >

Founding Member of Jasco Retires
14 September 2016
After 40 years of service and dedication, Sir John Alfred Sherry, founder and independent non-executive director of Jasco is retiring as a board member and will be emigrating permanently to Malta Read more >

Opinion Piece: It’s ‘horses for courses’ when migrating your contact centre to the cloud
30 August 2016
The rapid growth of data speeds and connectivity options in South Africa have enabled local businesses to take advantage of cloud solutions, and many companies are doing just that. Contact centres, in particular, can benefit from all or parts of the components hosted in the cloud, particularly when one considers the extensive investment in infrastructure that a contact centre requires. But not all businesses are ready, or able, to migrate their contact centres to the cloud entirely. Read more >

Opinion Piece: Smart digital solutions revolutionise security landscape
29 August 2016
Security is a critical component of any business. Multiple person access to an organisation’s physical as well as virtual spaces puts any organisation at risk on a daily basis. Security systems need to be in place within the business environment and across all IT systems in order to manage and mitigate those risks. Read more >

Opinion Piece: Making sense of the Cloud
22 August 2016
Cloud technology is firmly established in South Africa with many companies already on board, leveraging the many benefits. However, in a marketing laden world where the word ‘Çloud’ has been bandied about as technology’s answer to every problem, confusion abounds. Read more >

Interaction recording benefits all business
07 June 2016
As we move firmly into the digital age, we find ourselves confronted with many choices as to how to interact with the world around us. We rely less on traditional, preselected communication methods and more on the ability to select whichever method of communication works best for us, based on our preference and ease of use. In business, with the current focus being on how to improve the customer experience, companies are offering their customers multiple ways of interacting with them, across Read more >

Jasco moves to Google Apps – saves costs, empowers the business
06 June 2016
As an organisation that delivers end-to- end Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to its customers, it is important for the Jasco Group to leverage technology to improve its own efficiencies, enhance performance, heighten competitiveness and cut costs. Jasco turned to Grove Group, a premier Google Apps Partner, to assist them to move to Google Apps for Work across the organisation. Although recently implemented, Jasco is already realising significant savings on software licen Read more >