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Press Release: Jasco Enterprise appoints Anneke Grond as MD
07 August 2017
Jasco Enterprise, a business within The Jasco Group, has named long-time managerial executive at Jasco Enterprise, Anneke Grond, as their new Managing Director. Read more >

Opinion Piece: IoT - revolutionising healthcare
01 August 2017
The Internet of Things is evolving quickly, and on a global scale. The healthcare industry has cottoned on to this trend and already we are seeing a host of applications and connected devices entering the market, bearing the promise of improving the lives of patients and healthcare practitioners alike. Read more >

Opinion piece: Ensure your power backup doesn’t let you down
15 July 2017
Power problems are a reality in South Africa for the foreseeable future, and many organisations have implemented solutions to minimise downtime and ensure business continuity. Read more >

Press Release: Jasco introduces the Leyard LED MultiTouch Video Wall
23 June 2017
Jasco Broadcast has announced local availability of Leyard’s LED MultiTouch Video Wall, the industry’s very first completely seamless touch-enabled LED video wall. Read more >

Opinion Piece: Extend the life of your IT equipment and keep upgrade options open in a volatile economic environment
21 June 2017
It is important to be smart when it comes to extending the life of IT equipment, and utilising professional services can help businesses achieve this aim while at the same time accommodating changes that may be required to improve business efficiency. Read more >

Opinion piece: IoT – propelling the insurance sector into the future
19 June 2017
We are in the midst of a digital revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we do business, the way businesses operate, and how they interact with both customers and competitors. Read more >

Press Release: Jasco DataVoice product adds to Tetra experience
19 June 2017
Voice and data recording has become a requirement for most industries today, for quality control, internal audit processes and security. Read more >

Infrastructure sharing and open access networks key to delivering Internet for All
12 June 2017
Access to the Internet is often seen as the last hurdle in bridging the ever-present digital divide. While technology itself has become ubiquitous and increasingly affordable, Internet access remains out of reach for an estimated four billion people worldwide, including some 22 million in South Africa alone. Read more >

Jasco introduces Carrier Solutions to the East African market
08 May 2017
Jasco has announced the introduction of their Carrier Solutions offering into the East African market, rolling out from their office in Kenya which opened in April 2015. This expansion ties in with East Arica’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 broadband strategy, which aims to provide broadband services and fibre capacity to the region. Read more >

Digital video archiving – keeping up with today’s broadcast demands
05 May 2017
Broadcasters and video producers across the world are moving to computer-based platforms. As they do, access to any content, anytime, anywhere, is becoming a critical success factor. Read more >