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Broadcast Solutions


Jasco Broadcast Solutions designs, builds, installs, integrates and maintains end-to-end video and audio solutions for broadcasters as well as production and post-production houses.  We offer technology and services to take you from image capture through to transmission and beyond.

Our full service offering utilises leading brands to deliver bespoke solutions that rival those of the best broadcasters, production and post-production houses across the world.

Our decades of experience and longstanding strategic alliances with the best global brands have enabled us to gain unrivalled depth of technical knowledge and experience in the industry. 

Industry Challenges

Production and post-production technology has evolved from broadcast-specific protocols to converged IT infrastructure using IP-based protocols and sophisticated software. Delivering cost effective, integrated solutions that leverage the benefits of converged ICT is often a challenge.  

Media has moved from tape-based to digital, and the definition of content continues to increase. This not only changes equipment requirements, but also has further implications. From standard definition to HD, Ultra HD, media volumes have increased exponentially. This requires additional storage capacity as well as intelligent management solutions.

The shift from traditional broadcast to converged ICT and software-based solutions has resulted in a technical skills shortage, particularly around design and system integration.

Growing size of content, more channels and 24-hour television creates increasing demand for content, which has vastly increased content volumes. These assets not only need to be stored but also effectively managed to ensure specific files can be located quickly and easily. Media Asset Management has become critical.


Our Solutions include:

Video & Audio
Video and audio solutions for every face of the broadcast process, from capture to production, post-production, graphics, signal distribution and archiving.

Complete studio and outside broadcasting solutions through integration of our products into end-to-end solutions.

A full range of consumables including tape-based media, memory cards, flash memory and hard drives.

We also stock cameras, tripods, video camera lenses, camera accessories, microphones, batteries, mounting brackets and more.

Media Storage
A variety of hard drives and servers for the storage of media assets.

Media Asset Management
Software solutions for organising, sharing and collaborating on digital audio and video files.


  • Integrated end-to-ends solutions
    • Cost effective
    • Customised to meet your requirements
  • Leading global brands
  • Professional design and implementation
    • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
    • Minimal downtime
    • Full integration
    • Professional services
    • Increased revenue

Reference Sites

Some of our customers include:

  • Bladeworks
  • eTV
  • Lesotho Television
  • Mauritius Broadcast Corporation
  • Multichoice
  • Namibia Broadcasting Corporation
  • Red Pepper Pictures
  • Refinery
  • SABC
  • Silverline 360
  • Swazi TV
  • Tswelopele
  • Urban Brew
  • Waterfront Film Studios
  • ZSE



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