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In today’s electronic age, power is essential for running critical and often sensitive equipment. However, with on-going electricity challenges, the supply of clean, consistent power on demand is something that cannot be taken for granted. 

Businesses and industry need to ensure their vital equipment receives the steady power supply required to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. This requires not only solutions that assure constant supply, but systems that prevent unstable power from reaching equipment and potentially causing damage and failure. 

Jasco Power Solutions offers a turnkey service that covers both Quality of Supply and Assurance of Supply, including UPS’s, Generators, Transformers, Voltage Stabilisers (AVR’s), Surge Protection and monitoring solutions. With more than three decades of experience delivering bespoke solutions for all industries, from mining and manufacturing to ICT, we engineer solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements. The business is ISO9001:2008 certified to add extra peace of mind.

Industry Challenges

South Africa’s current power situation is well understood, and businesses need to gear themselves to tackle the challenges of unstable power supply today and in the years to come.

High demand on the utility can cause power supply to supply under-voltage. This in turn can damage sensitive equipment, including air conditioners, motors and ICT infrastructure. Similarly, over-voltage due to unstable utility power damages sensitive electronics, burning out equipment components. 

Dips in the power supply can result in equipment failure or unplanned system shut down, while spikes cause tripping of switchgear or burning of cables, costing time, operations and money. 

Loss of income due to non-operational business as well as loss of data from sensitive equipment such as hard drives failing, and shortened lifespan of equipment due to constant power outages, all end up costing organisations both time and money. These situations often lead businesses to make use of backup equipment such as UPS and generators. 

Overuse of UPS and Generators can lead to reduced battery life and excessive fuel consumption, which can result in additional unplanned costs. 

Many organisations have no ownership of the process in the event of a power failure, and there is often little clarity on existing power equipment, assets lifespan, or control of tangible assets such as fuel and batteries.


Our Solutions offers a complete service to ensure a constant supply of clean, useable power as well as guaranteed uptime during power outages. 

Assurance of supply:
Long back-up invertor/charger systems
Short interval online UPS for Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)
True online double conversion modular UPS for medium to large businesses
UPS/Generator combinations for critical environments
Online monitoring of assets such as UPS’, generators, diesel, batteries and more

Quality of supply:
Voltage stabilisation of utility voltage
Harmonic filtration of bad power in facility
Lightning protection for all environments
Isolation of mains to loads
Suppression of noise directly at equipment
Complex solutions covering multiple power anomalies

Managed services:
Power monitoring using power quality analysers
Battery monitoring
Full managed power solutions


Customer benefits:

  • Protection of critical assets against power failure
  • Continuity of supply during outages
  • Improved reliability and extended life of equipment
  • Enhanced management and control of assets
  • Reduced maintenance costs.   

In addition, our solutions guarantee:

  • Energy efficient technology that provides maximum Return on Investment
  • Reduced loss of income as a result of inability to operate during outages
  • Peace of mind regarding power uptime
  • Productivity during power failures
  • Stable functioning of equipment
  • Control of power to your business
  • The ability to monitor and manage power failure pro-actively

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