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Jasco activates redundant fibre link between NewTelco data centre and Teraco

24 June 2015

Jasco has announced the activation of a dedicated fibre link between its NewTelco data centre located in Midrand and the Teraco data centre in Isando, Johannesburg. This link ensures that Jasco can offer fully redundant carrier- and service provider-neutral data centre services to its customers. This redundancy also enables Jasco to offer comprehensive disaster recovery services and guaranteed uptime of hosted equipment and solutions should one of the data centres experience problems.

“Through this dedicated fibre link we have eliminated the single point of failure around our data centre services. Our customers can now take advantage of increased resilience and protection against revenue loss, as we can ensure higher levels of uptime. Should a disaster such as fire or flooding occur, or industrial action should disrupt services at either site, our customers will now be fully protected,” explains Eckart Zollner, Business Development Manager at Jasco.

As a leading provider of neutral data centre facilities in South Africa, Teraco was the natural selection for the creation of this redundant link. Aside from Teraco, Jasco is one of the few completely neutral data centres in South Africa, and provides a co-location hub for the aggregation of a variety of carriers, service providers and services from across Africa. Multiple services and solutions will now benefit from increased resilience and redundancy, including Internet connectivity, storage and backup, payment gateway solutions server hosting and more.

In addition, the Jasco data centre also provides Points of Presence (PoPs) for carriers to interconnect and deliver their services to customers throughout the country and the continent. These mission critical PoPs are the aggregation point for many service providers to bring their customers together, and as such creating enhanced resilience is essential for business continuity. By creating a dedicated redundant link, Jasco has effectively addressed this risk and added value for all customers.

“Data centres are becoming increasingly vital in today’s digitally-driven world. Neutral data centres in particular are essential in providing services to business, as the offer the widest array of services and the largest choice of providers, ensuring customers can obtain the best pricing and the most appropriate solutions for their requirements. Downtime is something none of our customers can afford, and a single point of failure is always an issue. By implementing this redundant link we have now addressed this challenge, enabling organisations to leverage the benefits of outsourced services in a neutral data centre without the risk,” Zollner concludes. Top of Form