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Jasco announces the release of DataVoice Coach v5.1

17 June 2015

Jasco has announced the latest update to its DataVoice Coach solution, a quality management and training programme aimed at the contact centre market. DataVoice Coach v5.1 features several usability and workflow enhancements, introduced to the solution as a result of customer feedback and changing market requirements, as well as updated reporting functionality to enhance reporting capabilities.


“Quality management is essential in improving performance and efficiency in the contact centre environment. DataVoice Coach integrates seamlessly with DataVoice voice and screen recording solutions, delivering the tools supervisors and managers need to be able to analyse performance in a practical way and effectively identify training needs. With the latest version of DataVoice Coach, users can take advantage of an improved Agent Dashboard, enhanced reporting, streamlined usability and a number of further improvements to both the user experience and the back end software,” says Bruce Winter, Channel Manager – DataVoice at Jasco Enterprise.


The new Agent Dashboard not only offers an improved agent experience, keeping agents informed on their individual quality performance, it also enhances the effectiveness of key features. Event alerts immediately notify agents of evaluations and training programs that have been created since they last logged in. Agents are able to instantly interact with the content created by their managers through direct links. In addition, key performance data is now presented in an attractive, intuitive chart format, making it easy for individual agents to view their performance over the short and long term.


Updates to reporting capabilities accommodate the full spectrum of evaluation scoring models into built-in reports. End users can now leverage detailed, informative metrics on all aspects of their quality monitoring and evaluating activities. In addition, comparative data sets provide an over-arching view of the performance of the contact centre organisation as a while. The introduction of colour coding and grouping for headline scores improves the visual display, further enhancing usability, and a new evaluation form layout improves ease of use.


“Users are now also able to change their password from within Coach, and can take advantage of streamlined single-click bookmarking that enables an evaluator to easily add feedback and coaching direction to an evaluation question. Improvements to the layout also maximise the use of screen real estate and have made bookmarks more intuitive to use. Behind the scenes, extensive changes have been made to the installation process, and extensive activity logging has been implemented throughout the application,” says Winter.


Further to these enhancements, the screen recording evaluation workflow has been improved to dynamically adjust layout optimally for audio or video media files, and the layout of the Performance Centre has been upgraded to HTML5 to enhance both appearance and usability. Evaluations can now be filtered by category and grouped by type, and a new tool has been added to allow templates to be exported, including full details on points and auto-fail criteria. These forms can be used for agent self-evaluation and manager training. A media search information tab gives helpful contextual information to managers when they evaluate media files and informs contact centre management as to how individual managers are selecting media files to evaluate for advanced performance management.


“DataVoice Coach v5.1 marks significant improvement over previous versions and highlight’s Jasco’s commitment to on-going improvement and delivering solutions that address customer feedback. All end-users will benefit from the enhanced features made available in Coach v5.1. Agents will find the dashboard improves their understanding of their performance and increases their engagement with material created for them. Managers will have more information at their disposal when evaluating files and when categorising or reporting on results, and application administrators will have an increased array of tools to manage and influence the quality program,” Winter concludes.