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Jasco announces updates to DataVoice Screen Recording

08 June 2015

Jasco has announced the latest update to its DataVoice Screen Recording solution, a tool to capture and record events as they happen on a computer screen. DataVoice Screen Recording 2.1 incorporates support for multiple screens, increased recording capacity, support for virtual environments and the latest operating system compatibility.


“Voice recording alone does not give a complete picture of performance, particularly in a contact centre environment. DataVoice Screen Recording works in tandem with voice recording solutions to enable organisations to view a synchronised recording of events as they happened on the phone and on the agent’s computer screen. Screen recording can also be used on its own to assess back office performance and process efficiency, as well as to enforce corporate IT policy. The latest update to DataVoice Screen Recording incorporates customer-requested features as well as upgrades in line with changing market requirements,” says Bruce Winter, Channel Manager – DataVoice at Jasco Enterprise.


With DataVoice Screen Recording 2.1, up to 16 screens can be recorded simultaneously per workstation. In addition, increased recording capacity enables up to 300 screens per server, with the number of simultaneous workstation instances connected to the Configuration Service increased to 1000 with the same hardware requirements. This enhancement improves performance while reducing hardware costs and the number of system components requiring management. Support for virtual environments is enabled with the introduction of a soft-licensing mechanism.


Operating system compatibility enhancements have been introduced to ensure the solution continues to function with the latest OS releases. DataVoice Screen Recording V2.1 is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 as host operating systems, and supports Windows 8 for workstation recording. In addition, V2.1 is compatible with SQL Server 2008 and 2012 Express and Standard editions, as well as Business and Enterprise Editions. Support for Windows Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Services enables centralised software control, reduced cost of hardware ownership and remote desktop access to servers.


Usability enhancements include the ability to add multiple workstations simultaneously by importing a text file containing the list of workstation names. This ensures fast and accurate addition of workstations especially during the initial system deployment phase, when it is necessary to configure all the workstations rapidly in order to achieve system readiness.


A new monitoring tool is also included to enable users to view critical error events as well as the recording history of workstations. Events are stored in a SQL database by a dedicated monitoring service, and extracted for interpretation and report generation by an installable Graphical User Interface (GUI) application. This feature enables users to easily view basic statistics per workstation such as last recording time, recording time per day, session time per day and more, as well as critical error events during the selected period.


“Feedback from our customers allows us to continually develop and improve the DataVoice Screen Recording solution, ensuring it remains relevant in a changing market with improved usability and added functionality. In addition, maintaining operating system compatibility is essential to the on-going maintenance and usability of the system. The launch of DataVoice Screen Recording 2.1 will offer numerous benefits to our customers,” Winter concludes.