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Global Energy Innovations partners with Jasco to deliver innovative battery monitoring solutions

07 May 2015

Global Energy Innovations (GEI) has signed a Master Distributor partnership agreement with Jasco to deliver GEI’s precision battery testing, monitoring and conditioning equipment and software to sub-Saharan Africa. The product offering includes the flagship EC-Series Handheld ElectroChemical Battery Analyser as well as a cloud-based, Continuous Monitoring (CM) solution, enabling organisations to become more proactive with regard to their battery maintenance.

Kurt Salloux, CEO of GEI says, “Precision battery testing is becoming an essential component of technology infrastructure. In the past, battery maintenance and replacement have typically been reactive processes that only take place once a failure has occurred. This can compromise the integrity of power management solutions. GEI offers a more proactive approach, by determining when batteries are deteriorating, why they are deteriorating and make recommendations. Our solutions are ideal for use in data centres as well as the power and utility sector, mission critical operations such as healthcare, and the telecommunications industry where mobile communication relies on UPS power in times of utility failures or outages. GEI offers unique, multi-frequency battery analysis technology that detects not only electrical parameters of failure, but also chemical issues such as sulfation build-up and battery dry out.”

“Jasco is the ideal partner to help us extend our footprint further into sub-Sahara Africa, as it not only has the right accreditations and critical mass, it also brings to the table a dynamic sales force and excellent support structures, as well as a complementary product offering.”

Pete da Silva, CEO of Jasco says, “This partnership with GEI will allow us to extend our value offering to include proactive battery monitoring with all our solutions. Our companies are aligned with regards to both focusing on innovative solutions and feature extensive experience in product and solution integration. Furthermore, the solutions from GEI fit perfectly with our current offering, enabling our customers to manage their batteries as an asset and mitigate the risk of failure. Jasco will initially focus on taking these solutions to market in the data centre space as well as utilities and telecoms, since these are the markets within sub-Sahara Africa that have a critical requirement for continuous uptime.”

About GEI

Global Energy Innovations develops and manufactures precision battery monitoring, testing, conditioning and restoration equipment and the software that goes with it. GEI’s products are used worldwide by mobile telecommunication operators, power generation plants and utilities, uninterrupted power systems operators, automobile manufacturers, aviation technicians, industrial battery manufactures and many other battery users.

GEI’s products are designed and manufactured entirely in the United States of America. GEI’s manufacturing facility is located in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, California) with distributors located globally with trained technical support engineers to assist you product and applications.