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Jasco delivers latest IVR Offering from Presence Technology - improving Contact Centre productivity with Text to Speech and voice biometrics features

29 June 2015

Jasco Enterprise, a proud partner of Presence Technology, announces the availability of the new Presence IVR Software module (Interactive Voice Response) designed to improve customer contact. One of the features of the Presence IVR software module includes a “strategy designer” that allows the business to create business rules and the possibility to use Presence software application variables like detailed contact information.


The IVR software based solution is SIP native and can be installed on either standard servers eliminating the need for proprietary equipment or in a virtual environment.


Says Tammy Manson, Presence Technology Product Specialist at Jasco Enterprise, “The benefit and ease of deployment of the Presence IVR Software Module in an existing virtualised environment will potentially not require additional hardware. This software-based application with the support for SIP and VXML-based standards has the ability to easily scale and extend to multiple sites through a distributed architecture. The traffic will significantly reduce on the Company Wide Area Network (WAN) and redundancy is provided with failover from one branch or centre to the next available site in the configured architecture.


Moreover, the Presence IVR Software Module supports the implementation of voice applications based on the standards based VXML 2.1 and MRCP 2.0 which simplifies the migration of existing compatible applications without re-engineering whilst securing the investment over time and eliminating the dependency on vendor or proprietary formats.


Alfredo Gonzalez, Director of Product Management Presence Technology confirms that this Presence IVR software module includes TTS / ASR compatible connectors to leading Speech technology vendors such as Nuance, Loquendo, Lumenvox, Verbio, Voxygen and more offering multiple options to connect and adapt to any company’s need and budget. Says Gonzalez, “There are native connectors from leading manufacturers included in this solution to meet the growing demand for features such as voice biometrics for user authentication - the Presence IVR identifies a caller by his voice and then captures sensitive information without the agent being involved”.


Adds Manson, the addition of these functions can significantly reduce the time to establish details about the person calling, and in turn, allows the agent to resolve the query rapidly. This is instrumental in enabling companies to improve their customer experience, harnessing loyalty and mitigating the risk of losing customers to competitors due to bad service.”


The Presence IVR Software Module can be purchased separately from the base Presence Technology Contact Centre platform and applied on any new or existing solution that supports standards based SIP. The VoiceXML allows application creation and maintenance independent of the product.


"Presence IVR has gone through major improvements that help customers by identifying the caller through vocal footprint, simplifying PCI with the collection of sensitive data and, improving the user experience through the use of natural language and the most modern speech engines in the market,” concludes Alfredo González.


The customer experience is a key differentiator for most of the South African Companies and through many years of experience and knowledge of the industry, Jasco is able to address these issues with effective solutions such as the Presence Technology IVR Software module to ensure that your Company stays ahead of the game.