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Waterfront Film Studios gains collaborative editing ability with Avid solution from Jasco

10 February 2015

Waterfront Film Studios, located at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, is home to the biggest creative post-production team in South Africa based in Cape Town. The studio specialises in production and post-production of both movies and television for large broadcasters across the globe. In order to expand its capabilities and leverage the advantages of collaboration and shared storage, Waterfront Film Studios turned to Jasco Broadcast Solutions and the Avid ISIS 5500 to provide the technology.

“Waterfront Film Studios is a fairly new company, having bought out the assets and premises of Collective Dream Studios in late 2013. We have been in the process of building our capabilities since then, and part of this required an upgrade to the existing technology in order to deal with an upcoming production for BBC Television. We needed to be able to connect our seven Avid studios with centralised online storage capability in order to leverage collaborative editing. The Avid ISIS 5500 was the ideal solution for our requirements,” says Ivan Bridgens, Owner of Waterfront Film Studios.

The Avid ISIS 5500 offers a centralised shared media storage platform that ensures protection of critical media assets along with superior performance and the ability to collaborate in the production and post-production environment. It offers scalability and value designed for smaller workgroups such as Waterfront Film Studios, where seven users will be accessing and collaborating on the system. This will not only assist Waterfront Film Studios to accelerate and optimise their workflows through collaborative editing, it will also help to optimise storage space. Using the Avid ISIS 5500 editors can now work together on a single copy of footage without the need to duplicate it multiple times.

“As we move further and further into the high-definition video space, storage is an increasing requirement. While the ISIS 5500 provides plenty of storage for Waterfront Film Studios’ needs, it also helps to optimise storage capacity by minimising the duplication of content required for multiple parties to work on footage. In addition it is highly scalable so it will continue to grow with their requirements into the future. Cape Town is a growing hub for international television and film production, and we are pleased to be able to assist local studios with developing their technology in line with global best of breed solutions,” says Paul Divall, Managing Director – Intelligent Technologies at Jasco, incorporating Broadcast Solutions.

Avid’s proven track record for product and solution excellence was the draw card for Waterfront Film Studios to select the ISIS system for centralised and collaborative storage. Jasco Broadcast Solutions has a long-standing relationship with several of the key players at Waterfront Film Studios, and as the sole distributor of Avid Video solutions in South Africa was the ideal choice of partner to provide the required technology. Waterfront Film Studios will now benefit from a more streamlined workflow that reduces siloes of information, increased storage capacity and improved editing efficiency, enabling them to tackle larger production with ease and grow operations in the future.