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Jasco expands CommProve solution at Cell C out of the core and into the network

28 August 2014

Since late 2012, mobile network operator Cell C has partnered with Jasco, using the CommProve solution to deliver real-time network monitoring, diagnostics and optimisation within their core network. This solution enabled the operator to become more proactive in response to network issues and deliver improved service to its customers. On the back of the success of this solution, Cell C has now expanded the solution out into the first link of the access network on several of its network controllers. The solution will now incorporate the same level of monitoring and optimisation within both the core and access networks at Cell C.


“With the original solution, Cell C was only able to gain a view of what was happening within their core setup. By branching the CommProve solution out into the access network, these benefits can now be taken closer to customers. Cell C will now be able to drill down deeper into any problems that occur for a more granular view of issues on the network,” says Dale Engelbrecht, Key Account Manager, Jasco Carrier Solutions.


CommProve (www.commprove.com) is a leading provider of network monitoring and business solutions for mobile networks. The company’s portfolio includes the NetLedge real-time data acquisition and mediation platform, and the Insight application suite, which collects and analyses network usage information and integrates it with business rules and subscriber data. CommProve’s solutions enable operators to maximise both customer satisfaction and profitability.


The CommProve solution supplied by Jasco enables Cell C to conduct real-time network diagnostics and monitoring of traffic, particularly over voice networks, to determine call quality and call success, the frequency of dropped calls and more. This is a crucial aspect of effective customer service within the mobile operator space. By taking the solution into the RNC portion of the network, Cell C has a broader and more granular view of network issues. Now, if problems on the network are detected as a result of dropped and poor quality calls, these issues can be addressed even faster and more accurately than previously. This is an even more proactive approach that enables issues to be addressed before customers complain, delivering improved customer service and efficiency.

“Network quality is a top priority for the company and this extension of the CommProve solution will make it possible for Cell C to react in real-time to potential problems. We are pleased to have found a solution that will allow us to proactively improve the quality our customers experience,” says Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos.


As with the previous solution, Jasco will be supplying a complete, end-to end solution to Cell C. This includes the physical hardware probes that will be placed at each of the five RNC sites, as well as software, hardware and software implementation, and a two year support and maintenance contract.