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Press Release - Jasco introduces feature-rich DataVoice DVLink application for the desktop

11 August 2014

Jasco has announced the availability of the new DataVoice DVLink desktop application, an add-on to the proven DataVoice Libra voice recording solution. DVLink enhances the capabilities of Libra through an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard that makes both the call and recording status visible to telephone users, and provides them with customisable call tagging and recording control functionality. By enabling users to enrich the recording meta data with additional information, more effective classification, transaction linking, search, retrieval and reporting becomes possible.


“DVLink was developed in response to feedback from our customers who wanted a variety of additional desktop recording control and tagging options for their voice recording system, particularly in situations where there is no method of automating this functionality. For example, recording on demand is ideal for a business environment where legislation does not require calls to be recorded, but where recording of specific conversations such as threats or that big deal could be useful,” explains Pieter Esterhuyse, Product Manager: DataVoice at Jasco.


The DVLink dashboard conveniently displays call status and duration, telephone number(s) as well as the recording status, using very little screen real estate. These visual status indicators assist the user to ensure that legally required calls are being recorded for compliance purposes.


DVLink’s rich tagging function has several flexible configuration options. The tag window can be configured to launch automatically based on a call status, e.g. the start or end of a call, or on demand. Automatic prompting of user input helps to create a workflow that ensures the right information is captured reliably and at the right time. Customers can further customise the tag window contents to their unique requirements, e.g. recording field selection, field names, predefined options and/or free text input.


By adding information such as account numbers and policy numbers, the recording retrieval process can be dramatically simplified, and transaction linking can be performed without the need for costly integration into back-end systems such as CRM. Tag validation is preconfigured to ensure user tags comply with given parameters, e.g. a number range or minimum length for a text note. Automated tags can be added based on a configurable time-out or wrap-up time expiry, enabling customers to monitor process adherence by their personnel. Last, but not least, a recording reference is placed on the Windows clipboard automatically, making it easy for users to update in-house systems with a cross-reference.


The dashboard also features a start/stop and keep/delete function for manual recording control. During a call the user can be allowed to instantly start and stop recording, or to toggle a keep/delete decision during the call as well as during the wrap-up phase after the call. In addition, DVLink features a blank/unblank function, which enables the user to mute a specific portion of a recording, for example when credit card details are given over the phone, thereby providing off-the-shelf compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


“DVLink integrates seamlessly into existing DataVoice recording equipment, offering an affordable solution that adds functionality without requiring investment into development or integration. In addition to the recording control functions, its powerful tagging function enable two-way linking of recordings and CRM-type records and allow selective storage based on user tags to ensure that each recording ends up in the appropriate location. All permissions and functionality are fully customisable at a highly granular per user level, depending on site and user requirements,” Esterhuyse adds.


DataVoice DVLink is available immediately from Jasco.