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Rooftop Lease Revenues Top One Billion Rand

18 September 2018

Property owners may be losing out on a share of a multi-billion-rand industry in South Africa, says Mark Swemmer-head of the rooftop management business at JSE listed group Jasco.

Swemmer says on acquisition of a property, the new owners often are not aware of what is on top of their roofs. “There is a myriad of devices mounted on rooftops across the towns and cities in the country, and each one of them can be a revenue generator or a cost, depending on how the relationship with the device owner is managed,” adds Swemmer.

Swemmer says property owners need to be aware of what is on the roof, who owns which device and determine if the device owners are taking responsibility of their share of the cost of placing such devices on the roof of the property.

Swemmer says the rooftop leasing sector is growing at an exponential rate as the demand for spectrum and faster connectivity is driving the installation of new devices on rooftops. “This is a billion-rand business already and soon will be significantly bigger,” says Swemmer.

Swemmer says the Internet of Things (IoT) is also expected to drive further demand for new rooftop transmission devices and property owners and managers will need to be properly geared to manage this potential revenue stream.

The major tenants located on rooftops are the network operators and also those entities rolling out wireless connectivity services in malls and other commercial spaces.

“Rooftop leases account for an increasing portion of Non-Gross Lettable Area Revenue,” says Swemmer.

“There is a growing need to centralize the management of rooftop tenants in order for property owners to maximize their share of non-GLA revenue streams,” concludes Swemmer.