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Modular, flexible UPS Solutions - the Centric range from Jasco

01 August 2014
Modular, flexible UPS solutions – the Centric range from Jasco

03 May 2014

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) solutions have become integral part of any data centre today, given the business-critical nature of data and the on-going power problems in South Africa. In addition, due to unstable power situations UPS has become essential across ICT, industry and enterprise applications. The new Centric range of modular UPS, available immediately from Jasco Power, is the ideal solution for organisations of all sizes across industry verticals. It is available in three cabinet sizes and offers eight different power capacities per cabinet to suit a range of requirements.

“The Centric solution is available in cabinet sizes of 50, 100 and 200 kW, and the desired number of 25 kW/kVA UPS modules can be added to these cabinets, up to a total of 200 kW/kVA per cabinet. Additional cabinets can then be added to increase capacity. With Centric’s unique modularity, organisations can scale their UPS up as power requirements change, without the need to purchase an entirely new solution. Modules can be added, replaced or removed with no tools required other than a screwdriver. This makes for a highly cost effective solution, which also allows for increased reliability and redundancy, essential in mission critical deployments like data centres and in sensitive environments such as mining and manufacturing,” says Marco da Silva, Managing Director of Jasco Power.

The Centric range offers true online double conversion, guaranteeing instant availability of backup power in the event of a main failure. It offers energy efficiency of 96% with a wide band load window, which means that even at less than full capacity the UPS will still run at extremely high levels of efficiency, saving electricity consumption and costs as a result. Hot swappable modules enable unprecedented levels of scalability and flexibility, and digital parallelability ensures that additional cabinets can simply be added to increase capacity as necessary. A user-friendly touch screen interface and intuitive web server interface ensure ease of use and accessibility from anywhere in the world. Using a transformerless design and a very low electromagnetic radiation profile, the Centric UPS solutions are also more environmentally friendly. The solution offers high power output with a small, lightweight footprint, taking up minimal space in any environment and minimising impact on cooling requirements and resulting energy consumption.

“The Centric range has the smallest footprint for its capacity in the world. The electronics are manufactured to the highest standards in Israel, and then integrated into a final product locally by Jasco. This ensures a solution that is of the highest quality, but that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer, and is perfectly suited to fit the robust requirements of the local user,” da Silva concludes.

The Centric range is available immediately from Jasco Power.

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