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SA’s First Integrated Inbound-Outbound Call Centre Platform to Save Companies Millions
07 November 2018
A Midrand Information Communications Technology (ICT) company, Jasco, has successfully implemented the first Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) call centre platform in South Africa that integrates outbound and inbound call capabilities. Read more >

Outlawing Nuisance Calls Presents New Opportunities for Smart Operators
26 September 2018
A law that will ban unsolicited nuisance calls from contact centre agents keen to sell you their products and services is a few steps away from taking effect. Read more >

Rooftop Lease Revenues Top One Billion Rand
18 September 2018
Property owners may be losing out on a share of a multi-billion-rand industry in South Africa, says Mark Swemmer-head of the rooftop management business at JSE listed group Jasco. Read more >

Smart Rail Economies - Bringing the 4th Industrial Revolution to the Masses
27 August 2018
As South Africa adapts to significant advances in the "fourth industrial revolution" of global technology, exciting opportunities are opening up for innovators to meet the demands of communities for a better life for all. Read more >

23 August 2018
Township residents should be confident not only to earn their livelihood in their neighbourhoods, but also to make economic progress. Read more >

Through Innovative Technology, the Concrete Jungle Can Be Easy on the Eye
30 July 2018
About 24 years ago, the first two Tier 1 mobile network companies started operating cellular networks in South Africa. In the beginning of the cell phone technology revolution, first generation (1G) or “analogue” was the platform designed for voice transmission, that is allowing the user to make or receive voice calls. Read more >

Theft of Sensitive Information on the Rise, so Is the Response by ICT Groups
19 June 2018
Corporate South Africa got a rude awakening in the past few days when a hacker syndicate, it is presumed, obtained information from a JSE-listed insurance group. According to media reports, the syndicate is demanding a ransom fee to prevent them from making the information publicly available. Read more >

Jasco Rolls Out Bio-metric Access Control System in Midrand Office
17 May 2018
Jasco has installed a state of the art access control solution from its own Security portfolio, the Touchless Biometric (TBS) Access Control System, at its Head Office in Midrand. Read more >

Opinion Piece: Connected devices and data analytics lie at the heart of smart city projects
30 April 2018
Smart cities are the future, there is no doubt about this. With numerous challenges both existing and emerging, exacerbated by growing populations and dwindling resources, it is essential for municipalities to more effectively control and manage many areas. Read more >

Jasco Carrier Solutions Launches Virtual CPE for South Africa
25 March 2018
Jasco Carrier Solutions is developing a cost-effective virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) solution for the South African market. Read more >