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Security & Fire


Keeping assets and people safe is a top priority. Jasco Security and Fire Solutions offers design, installation and maintenance of smart technology solutions to address this challenge. Our bespoke turnkey solutions are delivered by highly experienced teams, and all staff and implementations are accredited by relevant authorities and certifications.

Security Overview

Jasco Security Solutions specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of smart security technology solutions.

We deliver bespoke solutions customised to address the specific security and safety risks of our customer environments. This enables us to offer comprehensive, cost effective systems for the monitoring and protection of the assets, including people, in any organisation.

To simplify management and add value for customers, we offer fully managed and maintained security infrastructure along with onsite support teams. 

Industry Challenges

Security can potentially become a significant cost centre in any enterprise, and it is therefore essential to ensure operational efficiency of security solutions. 

There is an increasing crossover between traditional security technology and ICT, as all security hardware is now IP enabled and makes use of the same infrastructure as the IT systems. In addition, leveraging maximum value and effectiveness from security systems requires various technologies to be integrated into a single platform. This requires specialised integration skills and technological expertise. 

The majority of organisations make use of a variety of security solutions, from access control, surveillance, and detection systems such as alarms and perimeter sensors. Without the ability to integrate these solutions, enterprises often struggle with increased operational costs and longer times to resolve incidents. 

Multiple disparate systems can negatively impact operational and cost performance due to operators jumping between systems in order to manually correlate data and information for incident resolution. Data from each system is stored and managed separately, which could result in loss of data or varying storage retention times. This hinders the auditing of incidents that may have occurred in the past. Often, due to the fact that these systems do not communicate with each other, common factors or contributors to incidents could be over-looked, as they were never considered from the start. 

Smart Solutions

Jasco Security Solutions offers a turnkey service designed specifically to meet customer requirements, from access control and surveillance systems to smart building solutions as well as professional and managed services.

Our solutions include:

Access Control
Electronic and biometric access systems
Physical barrier access systems

Surveillance & Detection
Surveillance systems
Alarm systems
Perimeter detection systems
Fire and life safety systems
Smart Guard solutions


EcoSmart Buildings
Lighting management systems
Building management systems


Enterprise Optimisation
Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
Intelligent Analytics systems


Professional Services


Managed Services
Proactive maintenance
Managed Infrastructure


Jasco Security Solutions has many years of experience delivering customised security solutions to a variety of industries. This enables us to understand and gain insight into our customer’s environment, requirements and security challenges. 

We use this insight to assess the environment, provide feedback and propose best practice solutions that address challenges identified. In addition, we ensure that buy in from all relevant stakeholders is attained, before delivering flawless solutions that meet customer needs and expectations. 

We deliver integrated security solutions that help customers resolve issues quickly and effectively, with seamless integration between security and IT infrastructure. In addition, our smart integrated solutions deliver improved trend analysis for enhanced cost reduction and operational efficiency.  

Contact Details

+27 11 266 1500  

Fire Overview

Jasco Fire Solutions offers smart solutions for the detection and prevention of fire, including personal safety systems, fire detection and suppression and fire infrastructure.

We deliver bespoke turnkey systems according to customer requirements, with a focus on specialised applications and special risk environments.

Established in 1990, we have years of experience in the design, supply and maintenance of customised fire protection systems.

Industry Challenges


Fire detection and prevention systems are an essential component of regulatory obligations such as the Occupation Health and Safety Act (OHSA). In order to ensure compliance, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of legal requirements around fire.


Prompt detection and suppression of fires is essential to minimise and contain damage to critical equipment. In addition, ensuring personal safety of all employees on the premises is critical as it can prevent injuries and save lives. It is also necessary for liability and insurance purposes.



Organisations need to perform regular maintenance to ensure equipment is fully operational, and conforms to the requirements of annual fire audits. This requires specialised skill and dedicated resources.

Smart Solutions

Our solutions include:

Tanks and Fire Pumps
Fire water tanks purpose-built according to fire specification
Complete fire pump room design and installation

Fire Sprinkler and Deluge Systems
Fire sprinkler and foam deluge system design
Installation and maintenance of hydrants and hose reels
Turnkey project solutions
Special risk solutions including transformers, conveyor belts and other specific applications

Fire Detection Systems
Beam detection, point detection and manual call points
Specialised spark and flame detection
Fire camera detection
VESDA air sampling detection

Gas Suppression
INERGEN and FM 200 Systems
Full risk system analysis and design
Room integrity testing and fire sealing

Public Address evacuation Systems
Integrated and automated evacuation systems
Emergency fire telephones

Hydrants and hose reels
Installation of hose reels and hydrants


Jasco Fire Solutions is a specialist service provider with years of experience in this critical field. 

Our approach delivers significant benefit:

  • Complete understanding of legislation and compliance requirements
  • Helps organisations manage the risk of assets including people
  • Required skill and expertise to uncover customer requirements including special safety regulations and operational procedures
  • Full assessment of the environment ensures solutions for all identified challenges
  • Obtaining buy in from all relevant parties to ensure they are invested in the solution and its outcome
  • Delivery of flawless solutions, fully compliant systems
  • Assurance of personal safety and early detection and containment of fire hazards to help save lives and prevent damage to critical equipment  

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