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Smart Buildings


Leveraging the full value of smart, connected technologies requires the right integration to deliver improved intelligence around a variety of solutions within the modern building.

The ‘smart building’ incorporates technologies such as connectivity, automated lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling, energy management, surveillance, security, access control, alarm activation, renewable energy, building management and more.

Intelligence can be derived from the integration of these solutions, with each system working together to create a more efficient, effective overall facility that minimises the need for manual intervention.

We follow an integrated approach to smart building design, harnessing the power of intelligent technologies, automation and integration to deliver significant benefits to both property owners and their tenants.

Industry Challenges


Property owners need to make their buildings as attractive as possible to tenants in order to obtain maximum rates per square metre for leases. Buildings need to meet the requirements of tenants, and increasingly this requires integrated smart technology as well as backup power solutions.


Building Management Systems (BMS) focus to a large extent on power and Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Cooling (HVAC). However, with integrated smart technology BMS can deliver so much more. Property owners need to maximise the potential benefits of BMS to drive greater value.


Tenants are faced with the challenge of power outages, which affects access control, health and safety compliance, security, connectivity and more. In addition, during these outages tenants lose revenue.


Jasco Smart Buildings specialises in integrated smart building design, incorporating a range of technologies:

  • Rooftop Management Solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Power
  • Renewable Energy
  • Security
  • Fire
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Building Management Solutions


Improved cost structures, better profitability

  • Integrated solutions can reduce the initial investment in deployment of various technologies
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership due to reduced maintenance costs
  • Optimised solutions and improved efficiency
  • Potential for higher rental per m2
  • More attractive to tenants


Alternate revenue streams

  • Provision of connectivity to tenants as a value-added service
  • Digital advertising, interactive boards and mobile apps can create more foot traffic and new revenue streams
  • More effective management of rooftop real estate ensures leases are properly managed. This can also free up space for renewable energy solutions


Backup power solutions

  • Improved shopping experiences in the retail environment
  • Reduced revenue loss for tenants

  • Unique selling points can attract tenants and boost rentals. These include generators, backup electricity and renewable energy, as well as integrated access control and security. 
  • Centralising the management of the entire building and all connected technologies helps to improve insight and intelligence.
  • Smart buildings support the deployment of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM),
    • Integrates various security applications and devices into a single user interface for enhanced security and control.
    • Enables organisations to track all security information to improve security and support compliance reporting

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