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Unified Communications

Industry Challenges

Today, organisations are faced with vastly fragmented communication solutions. There are so many different channels delivered by various solutions on multiple platforms, from mobile and desk phones to video, email and a host of other systems. Integrating these systems for ease of use and improved productivity can prove to be a significant challenge.

If these solutions cannot be successfully combined and integrated into a cohesive offering, the user experience becomes complex. This in turn will negatively affect user adoption of unified communication services, which often means wasted investment if the solution is not being fully used.

Further to these issues, organisations are also faced with the increasing requirement to enable mobile and home users to access the same functionality wherever they are.

Jasco Unified Communication Solutions delivers a full UC integration service, bringing together various communication channels for a unified experience regardless of media or device. 


Jasco Unified Communication Solutions delivers all aspects of UC from real-time and non real-time communication channels to integration as well as analytics and reporting.

Our solutions include:

Voice and video calling
Hard phone, soft phone and mobile clients
Connectivity and least cost routing

Messaging Systems
Voice messaging systems
Voicemail to email solutions
Corporate instant messaging (IM)

Conferencing Solutions
Meet-me conferencing
Unified voice, video and web conferencing
Desktop, boardroom and mobile conferencing

Analytics and Reporting
Telecommunication management systems
Communications cost management

Presence federation
Integration to LDAP and other directories
Integration to contacts
Microsoft Lync integration


Jasco Unified Communication Solutions strives to deliver value-added solutions for our customers.

We deliver UC technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and  integrate with other UC solutions and voice messaging systems to answer calls when users cannot.

By migrating telephony end points to existing IP networks, providing telephony cost management solutions, and implementing video, audio and web conferencing solutions, we can assist businesses to reduce costs and enhance collaboration while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Enhanced business value is delivered through live, accurate presence status information, which improves communications and decision-making. In addition, the integration of disparate systems that work cohesively saves time and increases utilisation.

We support the following key business imperatives:

  • Driving customer loyalty to increase profitability
  • Utilisation of current networking infrastructure
  • Driving competitive differentiation with better and faster decision making
  • Improving business continuity while reducing costs and operational risk
  • Implementing strategies and processes
  • Enhancing communications within the business

Our solutions offer full integration, bringing voice, video, email, chat and social together in one conversation, through a single infrastructure that delivers consistent, integrated collaboration through a single platform. This ensures a simple, intuitive user experience which drives higher adoption rates, as well as full functionality for all users in the office, on the road and in the home office. 

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